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For tortoise, terrapin and turtle care and conservation

Sidney Bailey Collection - Box Turtles and Miscellaneous

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Asian 3-banded Box (head)Asian Yellow Margined Box
Cuora trifasciata Species: Cuora trifasciata
Origin: Vietnam, China, Hong Kong
Habitat: Highland clear mountain streams
Size: To 20cm
Cuora flavomarginata Species: Cuora flavomarginata
Origin: Southern China and Taiwan
Habitat: Overhung upland streams rice padddies
Size: to 20cm
Florida Box TurtleFour Toed Box Turtle (Male)
Terrapene carolina bauri Species: Terrapene carolina bauri
Origin: Florida USA
Habitat: Woodlands
Size: To 15cm
Terrapene carolina carolina Species: Terrapene carolina carolina
Origin: Southern U.S.A.
Habitat: Woodland, marsh and wet woodlands
Size: To 20cm
Four Toed Box Turtle (Female)Giant Asian Pond Turtle
Terrapene carolina carolina Species: Terrapene carolina carolina
Origin: USA and Mexico
Habitat: Open woodlands, pastures, marshes
Size: To 12 cm
Heosemys grandis Species: Heosemys grandis
Origin: Burma, Thailand, Malaysia
Habitat: Streams, swamps, and deep shrub
Size: To 43cm
Gulf Coast Box TurtleAsian Flowerback Box Turtle
Terrapene carolina major Species: Terrapene carolina major
Origin: Florida panhandle to eastern Texas
Habitat: Woodlands, scrublands.
Size: To 20cm
Cuora galbinifrons Species: Cuora galbinifrons
Origin: Vietnam, and Hainan Island China.
Habitat: Woodland and upland forests
Size: To 19cm
Malaysian Box TurtleMcCord’s Box Turtle
Cuora amboinensis Species: Cuora amboinensis
Origin: Most of South east Asia
Habitat: Marshes, swamps, pools, rice paddies
Size: To 20cm
Cuora mccordi Species: Cuora mccordi
Origin: Kwangsi, China
Habitat: Marshes.
Size: To 13cm
Ornate Box TurtleTropical Wood Turtle
Batagur baska Species: Batagur baska
Origin: Burma, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia
Habitat: Tidal areas of rivers
Size: To 60cm+
Rhinoclemmys Pulcherima (manni) Species: Rhinoclemmys Pulcherima (manni)
Origin: Central America
Habitat: Moist woodlands close to streams
Size: To 18cm
Wood Turtle (1) (USA)North American Wood Turtle
Clemmys insculpta Species: Clemmys insculpta
Origin: Northern U.S.A.
Habitat: Marshy fields, woodland.
Size: To 23cm
Clemmys insculpta Species: Clemmys insculpta
Origin: Northern USA
Habitat: Woodlands, bogs, pastures etc.
Size: To 23cm