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For tortoise, terrapin and turtle care and conservation

Care of THE MARGINATED TORTOISE (Testudo marginata)

Testudo marginata

(Testudo marginata)

HABITAT: In areas with hot summers. Enjoys scrub covered, rocky hillsides. Good walker.

RANGE: Only occurs in limited areas of Greece, from Mount Olympus southwards plus some small offshore islands.

FEATURES: Strongly flared at the rear due to serrated marginals. The animal has a very long carapace; length up to 25-30 cm. The colour is mainly black with sometimes orange or yellow patches. There is only one supracaudal and the Marginated Tortoise can have weak spurs.The animal was subjected to an export ban by Greece a long time ago and is at present, like the Spur-thighed Tortoise and the Hermann's Tortoise, treated according to Appendix 1 of CITES and is completely protected with commercial trade prohibited.

FEEDING: A variety of fruit and vegetables should be offered as well as a suitable vitamin and mineral supplement. The animal needs exercise and enjoys the run of the garden. Provide a greenhouse or indoor facility with a heatlamp during colder periods of the summer and in spring and autumn. This tortoise can be successfully hibernated. Eggs hatch from between 8-20 weeks depending on temperature.